June: National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month


If you’ve been pondering whether or not you’d like to add a new addition to your home, you may want to consider adopting a shelter cat. June is National Adopt-A-Shelter Cat Month, and we are focusing on helping these four-legged furry friends find new homes. 

Before adopting a cat, take the following factors into consideration:

  • Other housemates – How will other members of your household adapt to a new cat?  Young children, older adults and other pets may have a more difficult time adjusting to a new family member.
  • Your lifestyle – Take your schedule into consideration to determine if you have time to spend with your new feline friend
  • Where you live – Some apartments and condos do not allow pets, or may require a monthly pet rent or deposit. Determine if a cat will be a good fit for you by checking out any rules.
  • Breed of cat – Research what type of cat will fit best with your lifestyle. For instance, long-haired cats tend to need more grooming and may be more likely to trigger allergies.

Prior to adopting a cat, prep your home for your new addition with the following:

  • Food and water bowls –When getting a new kitten/cat, establish a feeding station with food and water bowls. This should be located away from the litter box.
  • Pet ID tag – Get your cat an ID tag, which will help ensure its safety if it is to go missing.
  • Litter-box – To make your cat feel at home upon arrival, have a litter-box set up. Don’t forget a litter scoop!
  • Nail clippers/scratching post – To sway your new furry friend from scratching on furniture, have pet nail clippers and a scratching post in your home.
  • Cat carrier – To ease the tension of traveling, purchase a cat carrier prior to adopting. It will also make taking your cat or kitten to vet appointments a breeze.
  • Interactive Toys – Cats may enjoy a lot of sleep, but they also need mental and physical stimulation. Cats will enjoy chasing and playing with a variety of toys including balls, mice, catnip-filled toys, laser pointers, etc.  

Now you’re on your way to having a life-long friend!

Did you know that some Chuck & Don’s stores have a foster-cat adoption program? Maybe that’s the place you’ll find your new furry friend.

Visit your local Chuck & Don’s to pick up the items needed to prep for a new cat. Locations can be found at www.chuckanddons.com.


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