It’s Miller time


The other day I opened up the patio door and out flew several miller moths. During the course of the next days they became more prevalent. Now they are swarming around the intersections and we now will have to put up with those pesky creatures for several weeks.

It was horrendous

Some years ago when the children were younger we rented a cabin on Sauk Lake in Sauk Center, Minnesota. We were the first of the season occupants and as soon as we opened the door the dance began. They literally flew in swarms and they were everywhere. Of course the children were frightened especially when they found them in the bedding and in the bath. We killed miller by the dustpan full of the ornery moths. There wasn’t a space to sit on or a table to eat on. We should have contacted the cabin owner but that meant we would have a place to stay so we kept swatting Miller moths for the whole week. We never did get the upper hand and vowed to never rent a cabin unless it had been de-millered.

The worst ones

But the worst of the miller moths are the ones that get in your car. They can cause one to get in an accident trying to roll the windows down and drive them out.

Of course another place they love to congregate is around the lamp lights. It is so agitating in the bedroom to have them flying around the lamp shades. I can put up with a little spider in my bedroom but I go ape when a miller invades my space and I can’t quit swatting until they are dead.

Now I read that they are really on their way to Nebraska for their summer stay. Well to Nebraska I say, “please welcome them and keep them coming your way. I’ll keep on killing them with a vengeance."

Stay well, stay involved and stay tuned.


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