It is time for the Rockies to trade Tulowitzki

Tulo could command a king's ransom from Yankees, others


It’s time to trade Tulo.

Right now Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki, the best shortstop in baseball, has also been baseball’s best hitter through about two months worth of the 2014 MLB season.

Tulo has had a resurgence that has landed him on the cover of and put him back in the conversation of one of baseball’s best players.

But that is the exact reason why the Rockies should right now be putting a blockbuster trade together that will relieve themselves of Tulo and his monster remaining contract.

Right now Tulo is amongst the league leaders in nearly every offensive category currently sporting a ridiculous .361 average with 17 home runs.

And reports that have been thrown around say the New York Yankees would love Tulo as a replacement for Derek Jeter — a guy who Tulowitzki idolized growing up.

The St. Louis Cardinals, California Angels, Boston Red Sox are just a few of the teams who have been connected as potential Tulo destinations.

But why trade Tulo if he is baseball’s best player right now? Because Tulo won’t still be baseball’s best player at the end of his current contract, a contract that has seven more years on it and over $140 million.

The other reason is the fact that Colorado could literally command a king’s ransom for Tulo, which with their talent young core could set the team up for years moving forward.

The Rockies could get back an established starting pitcher, plus two or three of a franchise’s best minor league players.

In addition, Colorado could force a team to throw in a young established position player to could replace some of Tulowitzki’s offensive production.

But of course, it is the Rockies. So those who might actually agree with trading Tulo might also worry that the franchise would royally screw up the trade and end up empty handed.

But while a prospect is certainly a suspect until proven otherwise, there is no downside to trading Tulo.

Even if the Rockies get back six young players and none of them live up to their potential, then Colorado still gets Tulo’s monster contract off the books, freeing up those resources for years to come.

We have seen this before. Todd Helton, though a Rockies’ icon (if there is such a thing), was paid like an All-Star (over $120 million) for nine years after he was no longer making the All-Star game.

Moreover, a 36-year-old Helton made almost $18 million and a 37-year-old Helton made over $20 million.

Helton should have been traded away years before he decided to walk away and for a penny-pinching franchise like the Rockies, that $120 million that went to Helton that the franchise didn’t get anything out of could have went to keeping Matt Holliday who is still in his prime or could have went to two or three quality starting pitchers that could have actually given this team a shot at success.

Helton was a great player early in career. Tulo is still a great talent — but will also be 30 years old by the season’s end.

And knowing what we know about Tulo’s injury history it would be foolish to think that the older he got he would get healthier (Tulowitzki has missed 288 games in career due to injury).

Tulo plays the game so hard and so physical, and while you have to appreciate that, his body breaks down every season like clockwork. It’s hard to imagine him getting healthier the older he gets.

In addition, Nolan Arenado and Charlie Blackmon have given Colorado two young stars that the team can build around, and combined with Carlos Gonzalez (who has a contract half the size of Tulo’s), the Rockies wouldn’t skip a beat without Tulo and in reality with the package they could get back for him it could set the franchise up for years moving forward.

I love guy — he is a great talent and already one of the greatest Rockies of all time. But Colorado cannot go down with the ship the way that they did with Helton.

It is time to trade Tulo.


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