Inside Scoop to Back to School Shopping


I know that July is just too early to start writing about back to school clothes and supplies, but August is just too late, so let’s plow ahead and be uber ready for fall, shall we? By this time of the summer, some of our kiddos’ clothes have gotten surprisingly short, small, and not so surprisingly, filthy. The Oxy Clean gets out fewer and fewer summer dirt and watermelon stains, (who knew that watermelon would stain so much?) and the era of wearing Tevas or other sandals every single day is coming to a close. Playground pea gravel and fall PE classes just don’t allow for open toed footwear like traipsing through creeks and walking to the pool in the summer.

As these clothes turn more Tom Sawyer and less darling Target or Children’s Place threads, they don’t necessarily need to go into the charity sack. They can go into your camping tubs! When we go camping, our children look like they came straight out of a Mark Twain novel with stained shirts and torn, too short jeans. If my boys’ clothes make it til camping, they have had a long, adventurous life indeed.

So where do we go for our school clothes if there’s nothing left in the drawers? Why, children’s consignment of course! Our favorite is Kids Kloset here in Parker on Main St. and Parker Rd. but I know that there are other great stores too.  I would somehow rather have someone else’s Hanna Anderson shirts that look barely worn than buy a (much) lesser quality shirt at the same price from Target or Wal-Mart. So I go to consignment with my wares that my youngest is finished with if they have no stains or holes, (which I’m happy to say, happens more than I would think) and with the credit, get my oldest son jeans and newish shirts. It’s great. For those of you who shop online for the great deals at Gap, Old Navy and the like, that’s a great way to save too! Being efficient and thrifty is where it’s at, truly. 

The most efficient, and easy trick regarding back to school for ME is Kids Klutter. This company truly takes the hassle out of shopping for your back to school supplies. Kids Klutter is wonderful and filled such a niche of how to replace the hair pulling detail that is Searching For Back To School Supplies. I wish I had thought of this company idea myself. They service many schools in Douglas and Arapahoe County and if they don’t service yours, call them. They will. I know. I did. For the cost of the supplies and a small labor fee ($12?) they will have your child’s school supplies on his DESK the first day of school, shrink wrapped and tidy for your student to open. Voila.

Be ready for back to school this fall, and you’ll be oh so glad that you did.



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