How To Ramp Up Your Outdoor Entertaining


Outdoor get-togethers typically make for memorable affairs. Be it a picnic in the park, a backyard barbecue or a tailgate in the parking lot at the big game, fresh air always seems to add more fun to the festivities.

As fun as such soirees can be, hosts and guests alike know there's no limit to the fun that can be had when getting together with friends and family for some outdoor revelry. Hosts hoping to enliven their outdoor entertaining can employ the following tips and let the good times roll!

* Take the indoors outside. Hosting a party indoors certainly has its advantages, not the least of which is the host of amenities a home's interior boasts that the backyard and the local beach simply can't offer.

The Best of Times Bar & Entertainment Center ( enables hosts to set up a bar for guests within minutes. Easily set up anywhere in less than five minutes, this patented, professional-quality bar enables hosts to bring the fun of the family bar outdoors.

Designed to fit in the width of a parking space, the Best of Times Bar & Entertainment Center won't take up much space, leaving precious room for the all-important Wiffle ball games and backyard badminton battles. Each L-shaped unit features four padded barstools, an optional side table and a UV protected umbrella that won't fade in the sun. Made with durable countertops, each bar includes a bar-level shelf, ample storage and a drop-in waterproof cooler that keeps as many as 18 cans or bottles icy cold.

* Make it a musical affair. Music often sets the tone for a party, whether that party takes place inside or outside. Hosts should choose music that lightens the mood and encourages guests to relax. When hosting a backyard barbecue, encourage guests to bring their own instruments and, if any friends or family members are in a band, invite the band over to perform.

Though public parks and beaches might frown on loud music, bring an acoustic guitar along and keep things low key. If the party is aligned with a specific holiday like Independence Day, be sure to include some patriotic tunes in the evening's playlist.

* Give the festivities a theme. Hosts can set their soiree apart from other gatherings by choosing a theme for their next outdoor party.

When hosting a themed party, encourage guests to get in the spirit of things by wearing theme-appropriate attire. For instance, when hosting a summertime luau, decorate with a beachside tiki decor and encourage guests to wear their favorite Hawaiian shirts.

* Become the talk of the tailgate. Few activities are as fun as the pregame tailgate in the parking lot before the big game. Veteran sports fans know a good tailgate is more than just a place to gather before the game. A tailgate is a great opportunity to meet fellow fans and express your love for the team. Once your tailgate becomes the talk of the parking lot, consider adding additional barstools for all those new friends as well as the side table, which makes a great place to prepare and display all that delicious BBQ.

* Set up for safety. While outdoor gatherings are all about fun, hosts should always remember to keep the safety of their guests in mind. Encourage guests to choose designated drivers and be sure to have the phone numbers of local taxi companies nearby in case any guests need a lift home at the end of a fun night


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