Ho-hum, another election


By the time you read this column another election has gone by. You may have missed it even though a mail-in ballot was sent to your home.

It was called a primary election, and there were so few contested races that it seemed a giant waste to elect so few. And now the winners of those races will bombard us with information as to why we should vote for them come the November election.

Anymore it seems like we are in one election cycle after another and it made me want to skip the whole darn process. But dedicated as I am for good honest government, Bob and I filled out our ballots and brought them in person up to Westminster City Hall. In return we received “I voted” stickers to let the world know we care.

This primary election was for candidates from the Republican and Democrat persuasion. However, if you wanted to change parties you had to have done that earlier, but if you wanted to register to vote you could do so. I am adamantly opposed to “same day register and vote.” Obviously such folks don’t read and study the issues before they sign up to vote.

I’ve said it before and I continue to say it, “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” So I’m going to devour all the information I can prior to the November 4 election. I’m particularly interested in the Adams County commissioner race that will give us five commissioners (two additional commissioners).

I think Sen. Mark Udall is in particular trouble especially on the Keystone gas pipeline. I say, “Mark, vote for it and be done with all the haggling. Just say yes.”

Stay well, stay involved and stay tuned.


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