Help with traffic at Stone Mountain School


To protect yourselves and your children, please use the Stone Mountain Drive entrance to the Weatherstone neighborhood, and please carpool, use school bus services, or urge your children to walk to school. School traffic and vehicular speeds on Weathersfield Way have increased, causing multiple problems:

1) The intersection at Weathersfield Way and Wildcat Reserve Parkway is not as safe as the wider Stone Mountain Drive entrance. Wildcat Reserve crests at Weathersfield Way, so oncoming traffic that is traveling east on Wildcat at 45 miles per hour or more is not very visible. Traffic from the Backcountry development that is turning south onto Weathersfield Way, as well as motorists turning left from Weathersfield Way onto Wildcat Reserve, often cannot see vehicles traveling east on Wildcat Reserve until it is too late. Turning left here can be dangerous, especially with the number of cars at this intersection during peak school drop-off and pick-up hours.

2) Weathersfield Way was not designed for through traffic. Homeowners' driveways connect directly with this street, and the posted speed limit is 25 mph. In addition, this street has two tight curves that drivers cannot see around, making it difficult to anticipate children or others crossing the street. The increasing volume and speed of school traffic on this street has created many scary close calls for pedestrians, as well as homeowners backing their cars out of their driveways. In contrast, Stone Mountain Drive is wider, and no driveways directly connect with it.

3) Weatherstone is a community of 300 homes, and Backcountry will have 1200 homes when it is built out. Most of the vehicles going back and forth to the school contain only one driver and one passenger, which is very energy inefficient. The additional traffic volume and speed, and the resulting safety issues, air pollution, and noise already are straining goodwill with the Weatherstone subdivision. Please plan transportation to the school accordingly, and be safe and considerate.


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