Hay World School back in groove

Annual storytime a chance for principal to meet students


Hay World School principal Craig Ferguson plans time at the beginning of each school year to visit and read to students in each of the classrooms.

“I started doing this when I came here five years ago and have sort of made it a tradition,” he said. “I feel reading to students is important because it gives me a chance to meet the kids and for them to meet me.”

Ferguson visited Carolyn Kobel's second-grade class on Aug. 19. The students sat on the floor around him as he read the book, “A Home for Bird,” to them. The story is about a frog trying to help its new bird friend find its way home.

Ferguson read each page and showed the children the illustrations on the page. He told them he liked the book because it included messages about friendship.

The principal would often read a page, pause and ask the students to take time to think and talk about the clues on a page as they related to the story or the message about friendship included in that page.

Sarah Reighlin said it was fun to have the principal read to her class.

“The book was really good and Mr. Ferguson didn't just read us the words,” she said. “He would stop reading to talk about what a page meant. I liked having Mr. Ferguson read to us.”


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