Government cuts will effect the military and defense contract workers


El Paso County Commissioner Darryl Glenn was the key note speaker at the annual State of the Chamber breakfast.

Glenn, who is the county commissioner over district one which includes the Tri-Lakes area, spoke on topics that included the fiscal cliff, county budget, the Affordable Care Act, Amendment 64 and sequestration.

When Glenn spoke about the fiscal cliff that Congress was trying to avoid late last year he said the good news was that we no longer need to look at cuts of $109 billion dollars but that bad news was that we are still looking at a cut of $85 billion dollars.

One of the topics that is of great concern to Glenn is sequestration. Sequestration is cuts to government agencies such as defense. That means the Pikes Peak Region would take a direct hit because it is home to four military bases. The cuts will occur over the next 10 years and take effect March 1.

Glenn told chamber members that Fort Carson recently sent out a memo regarding their facilities maintenance improvement budget.

“They are already giving out notices, 160-300 jobs potential jobs. A lot of us in here you either were in the military or you know somebody who is in the military, you can touch somebody that is in the military,” Glenn said. “These are real impacts to not only the people that are fighting for our rights and freedoms everyday but also the mom and pop shops that are located outside the installations that rely on people to be able to frequent their facilities.”

He said orders have already been given that all military installations, including the Air Force Academy, might have to start using furlough days.

Glenn said if sequestration moves forward then the county expects a negative economic impact of $4.71 billion.

He plans to host a town hall meeting on March 16 to provide more information in regards to sequestration.


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