Good impressions


The school year is wrapping up, graduations and summer vacations, “no more teachers, no more books ...” And now there will be some new candidates for the school board out introducing themselves.

I recently met a pleasant, thoughtful man named Jeff Lamontagne who is one of the candidates. His wife is a teacher and his two kids are students in Jeffco Schools.

Jeff seems to understand the good and the not quite good enough yet in our public schools, and we had a good chat.

Remember how “works well with others” was a key grade on your report card?

Jeff struck me as that kind of guy. First, he listened to what I had to say. Next, he offered some good suggestions.

His focus, like mine, was on what we can all do better to help our Jeffco kids get a better education. They are our future, they deserve to be well prepared, and they sure don’t need closed-minded adults dictating their own personal philosophies to them.

Jeff is out walking neighborhoods, knocking on doors, introducing himself. I think it’s worth a few minutes to have a conversation with him.

Jim Engelking


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