Getting Your Home Market Ready


The housing market is on its way to bouncing back with the arrival of spring.

Here, a few design tips to think about prior to placing your house on the market:

*Focus on the entrance of your home, and how to boost curb appeal. The "Oh honey, that's the house" is the feeling we all desire and you want to create.

*Look at replacing the front door. This can really set the tone for the first impression. Typically, the return on investment here is 73 percent.

*Colorful plants and flowers that are tastefully placed will create a welcoming fresh feeling.

*Look at the painting around the house, and remove any unnecessary items on the interior of the home that may make your spaces feel smaller, or less like some one else's vision for the space. Yes, the kids toys in the corner also have to find a hiding spot for the house showings. Storage bins that are all the same color with labels on the front are a great way to organize even the most chaotic schedules.

Finally, have you been wondering if that kitchen remodel will really be worth it, prior to selling? Studies show you will receive 72.1 percent return on your investment with a minor remodel. You will typically receive 65.7 percent on a major remodel.

Keep in mind: Homes with a remodeled kitchen and/or bath normally sit on the market about 1/2 the amount of time.

If you do not want to take on this endeavor prior to selling, think about offering an incentive with the sell. For example: “kitchen remodel allowance with sale.”

Enjoy the tasks at hand and focus on the fact that once they are done, you will that much closer to moving on to your own next dream home.


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