Get Your Grill On


There is nothing more upsetting than ruining a good cut of meat on the grill. 

Most cooks don’t know how to use the grill properly, but the first step toward preventing that is to get a good cut of meat—a cut that is preferably graded choice or prime grade.

One thing to remember when picking out meat is that an Angus cut means nothing except trade talk unless the words on the package certify Angus.  Don’t let the butcher say convince you that theirs is necessarily better.  The grading system is from the government and is best. 

Here, a step by step how to grill this particular cut of meat:

Grilling meat /poultry step by step

1)      Preheat the gas grill 10 minutes until the temperature is 375-400 F

2)      Clean grill grates with wire grill brush.

3)      Dip soft cloth in vegetable oil and lightly coat grill.

4)      Season meat both sides of meat with dry rub or salt and pepper

5)      Place meat on grill

6)      While on high heat sear meat on one side and move ( to make checker board effect)  (approx. 2-6 minutes depending on thickness) Sear until meat has  changed color ¼ of way from the bottom of piece of meat. This side will be the side you show the guest.

7)      Turn and sear other side

8)      Brush with more seasoning

9)      Reduce heat to medium and finish cooking

10)   Use instant read thermometer.

11)    All temperatures are final temperatures.  To prevent dryness, stop the cooking 5 degrees below the target temperature.

I always suggest an instant-read thermometer to judge when a piece of meat is cooked.  Hold the meat with a pair of tongs and push the tip of the thermometer through the edge of the meat until most of the thermometer is in the meat not touching any bone.  Pull the meat off when the proper temperature is met. 


120 degrees for rare

125-130 for medium rare

135- 140 for medium .

145 for well

Note that the internal temperature will rise another 5 degrees or so as the steak rests.  You should always let a meat rest 2-4 minutes before you cut into in to allow the juices to stay inside

- Ground beef 160 f

- Poultry 165

-  Pork  150F

*Pork chops should be 140 degrees; let rest covered with foil.  The internal temperature should rise to 150

A great recipe for beef flank steak:

½ cup soy sauce

3 tablespoons Dijon mustard

1 t black pepper

4 cloves garlic chopped

¼ cup Worcestershire sauce

Marinate overnight for 6-10 hours.   Grill flank steak 6 minutes on each side for medium rare.


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