Game Changers Can Alter Way We Look at Life

Column by Michael Norton


It seems like every few years we have the benefit of watching those exceptional professional athletes who change the game for all future competitors in that sport. I think of athletes like Shaun White, Tiger Woods, Annika Sorenstam, Michael Jordan and Lance Armstrong. And obviously there have been many, many more.

Have they changed the way you watch or participate in your favorite sports?

We have also witnessed the incredible talents and gifts of artists, actors, singers and songwriters who have been responsible for elevating performances and changing the game for all that will follow. And they also have an unbelievable ability to even change or impact our feelings with a stroke of a brush, a moving lyric or inspired scene.

Have they changed the way you feel?

There have been geniuses and game changers in technology and innovation like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Walt Disney and the many others who have changed the way we communicate, operate, work, play and live.

Have you benefited from the changes of technology and innovation?

And if we just look at the equipment or gear we use when it comes to fishing, golf, skiing, snowboarding, gaming, the cars we drive, our appliances, and our computers and mobile phones we will see that everything has evolved and changed to make us more effective and productive. I mean really we have golf clubs that have sweet spots that are so forgiving it is almost impossible to hit a really terrible shot, although I try really hard, and we have shaped skis that practically do all the work for us on the mountain.

Has the equipment you use made you more efficient?

Now what about the people in your immediate circle of friends and in your family? Who are the game changers in your life? Game changers are not just the celebrities and athletes, the billionaires and inventors, or the technology or gear we get to use or play with. Game changers are the everyday people who guide us, help us, inspire us, pick us up when we are down, and they are typically found very close by.

Has there been someone who has been a game changer in your life?

And just as important, have you been a game changer in the life of someone close to you, or maybe even a total stranger? We also don't have to be a professional or a superstar in order to make a difference for someone else. We have the gifts, talents, energy, passion, and compassion to be a game changer, all we have to do is act. And when it comes to being a game changer we can act in the littlest of ways that make a big difference or act in big ways that make a little difference, either way will work.

Being a game changer isn't as hard as you think and I would love to hear all about how you have been or how you plan on being a game changer at Changing the game for yourself or someone else will no doubt make this a better than good week.



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