Fourth of July Pet Safety


Fourth of July is a great time to get outside, enjoy the summer weather, and partake in patriotic festivities, but it can be a scary and even dangerous time for your pet if the proper precautions aren’t taken. To ensure a worry-free holiday, it is vital to consider your pet’s well-being and safety. 

Since many of us spend the Fourth of July outdoors with our pets, it’s important to keep heat safety in mind. Make sure to keep your pet hydrated and always keep a bowl of fresh water handy. Excessive panting is a signal for you to take your pet indoors, allowing them to rehydrate and relax. Try portable options such as the Handi-Drink Water Bottle, or a collapsible dog bowl like Ruff Wear’s Quencher.

Pet’s paws are very sensitive. If you and your pet plan on being outdoors for the holiday, apply Musher’s Secret to your pet’s paws orconsider a pair of light weight boots to help protect them from hot asphalt and concrete.

Though fireworks are a beautiful and fun way for families, friends, and communities to celebrate, they may pose a threat to your pet’s well-being. For many pets, fireworks are a source of fear and the loud sounds can cause extreme anxiety. A few signs that your pet may be experiencing anxiety from the bright lights and loud noise of fireworks are: shaking, trembling, barking, howling, excessive drooling, frantic pacing, attempting to hide or escape, not eating, and/or unusual aggressive behavior.

To avoid pet anxiety during fireworks, make sure your furry friend is kept in a safe and secure environment. Try easing their anxiety with NaturVet Calming Soft Chews. Another great option is the ThunderShirt, which provides pets with the feeling of being swaddled. It is an ideal product to calm pets not only during thunderstorms or fireworks, but to help with any other general anxiety problems your pet may have. 

*Always be sure to monitor your pet when using the above items and treats.

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