Fitness Champion a Family Inspiration


Marina Supple is a mother, wife and can now call herself Life Time Alpha Showdown Champion.

Always a competitive athlete, she quickly missed the fitness aspect of competing when she was in college. Marina joined a gym and participated in intermural activities to keep in shape. Once out of college, she gravitated towards group classes including Life Time’s high intensity classes, which provide a great workout and allow her to feel a part of team.

Competing in marathons and half-marathons, she never saw herself competing in a competition as mentally and physically grueling as the Alpha Showdown, which is a series of three gauntlets testing the body’s power, strength and endurance. With a little convincing from her group fitness instructor, she decided to return to her competitive roots and give it a try. And it’s a good thing she did. She excelled and took home the title of Colorado Region Alpha Showdown champion.

Her go-getter ways have even rubbed off on her family. Before marrying, her husband did not work out much. Now he has several marathons and half-marathons under his belt, and makes time for weight training during his lunch hour. Marina’s kids who are ages five and two, also see working out and staying healthy as a regular part of life.

For people who are just beginning their fitness journey, Marina advises to start with a small goal and not get intimidated. Focusing on how you feel mentally and physically makes the time and effort worth it.  


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