Fall Into New Wines


It’s sad to know that summer is almost over. Summer has been a great time to experiment with light and fresh wines, and pair them with our fruit salads and grilled steaks. However, I have to admit that fall is actually my favorite season. It’s not too hot, not too cold, but just right. I feel that fall is the best season to experiment with new wines. It’s also a good time to start transitioning from our sweeter, lighter wines, to our bigger, dryer wines.

For those of you who mainly drink white wines, start drinking the “oakier” Chardonnay wines. As the weather gets colder, we tend to cook foods with heavier sauces, and a Chardonnay will be a perfect pairing. If you are feeling a little adventurous, try a dryer Rosé wine. Dryer Rosé can be difficult to find, but talk with your local wine shop owner to see which one they would recommend. A Rosé is a great transition into red wines, and they pair nicely with most light dishes.

Finally, my favorite fall red wine is a Pinot Noir. A Pinot Noir is one of the lightest reds you can drink, but it still packs powerful flavors. You can pair a Pinot Noir with your lighter soups, and red meat dishes that have a light sauce. This is a great transition wine into the heavier reds.

Now is a great time to have a get together at your house. Have your friends bring their favorite “end of summer wine,” and you provide the “jump into colder weather” wines. Together, you will have a myriad of different wines that will be perfect for fall.

It’s also a great time to start experimenting with new wine and food pairings. When I first began my wine journey, I just focused on the wine alone. Little did I know that food can enhance a wine, and a wine can enhance food. The two go together in perfect harmony. The best way to find out which wines go perfectly with certain dishes is to experiment. To get yourself in the mood for fall, experiment with soup and wine pairings. Soups can have a variety of different spices, and are one of the easiest dishes to pair with wines.


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