End of the Season Lawn Maintenance


October is the month to wrap up the lawn season and put the grass to rest well fed and watered. Lawn customers often ask what they should do to their lawns at the end of the season. Here are a few questions most frequently asked.

  1. Should I still water my lawn?

Considering how dry Colorado was this summer, watering is very important this time of year because the grass is finishing it’s fall growth spurt. The recent storms in September really helped the grass start growing again so continue with fewer deep waterings this month.

2. Should I spray for weeds?

If you have a few weeds, spot spraying them this fall will kill them. Spot spraying weeds limits the amount of chemicals introduced into the environment and treats only the areas needing it.

3. Is aerating okay to do now?

Aerating in the fall relieves soil compaction and creates holes which allows water and fertilizer to reach the root zone.

4. Can I top dress my lawn in the fall if I did it this spring?

Top dressing builds up the soil by filling in aeration holes with fertile soil rich in microorganisms and organic matter. Top dressing a few times a year will transform your yard into a beautiful lawn faster than top dressing once a year. Worms love the compost and naturally aerate the soil while moving organic matter deeper into the soil as they burrow.

5. What kind of fertilizer should I use?

Organic fertilizer or a good winterizer fertilizer encourages grass to store nutrients away before a long winter.

6. What should I do with all the leaves?

To help build up your soil, mulching leaves and grass with the lawn mower during the fall returns organic matter to the soil. Bag the grass and leaves for that perfectly groomed lawn look on your final mowing when all the leaves have fallen.

7. When do I turn off the sprinklers?

When the lows at night consistently dip below 40, this is usually a good time to consider draining or blowing out your irrigation system for the season.

8. What should I do with my mower at the end of the season?

Avoid the long wait in the spring at local repair shops and take it in after your final mowing for a tune up. Simple mower maintenance involves sharpening or replacing the blade, changing the oil and spark plug, cleaning or replacing the air filter, and cleaning beneath the mower deck. Draining the gas tank or adding a gas stabilizer will help with starting the mower next spring.

9. Is there anything I should do to the yard during the winter?

Southern facing sloped yards during a dry winter take a beating and can be hand watered with a hose on a warm winter day. Mites tend to eat the roots for moisture during dry conditions. Don’t forget to drain and disconnect your hose when finished.

10. What can I do next year to have a nicer landscape?

Make a plan within your budget. Beautiful lawns require more of an investment in time, money, and energy. Consider your landscaping too. Adding new mulch and trimming existing plants and bushes makes a huge improvement on your property.

11. Should I put grass seed down in bare spots?

Bare spots can be gently tilled or removed. Toss some grass seed in and cover with some fertile soil. The seed will be ready to germinate next spring when conditions are favorable.

Most of us spent more time indoors this past summer avoiding the extreme heat and our yards may have been neglected. Enjoy the cooler temperatures this fall and get caught up on your chores around the yard before the snow flies.


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