El Paso County law enforcement in GMF is only temporary


EPC Sheriff Maketa spoke to the Board on Nov 19. The Nov 26 Mountain Jackpot reported Maketa: “We are not here to take over. We consider that you have a vacancy (with your marshal’s department).” By law, he said, the sheriff’s department is required to handle law enforcement for GMF for an interim period of one year.

The town can afford to have a town marshal

In November, Marshal Bradley submitted a budget for the Marshal’s Department with salaries totaling $65,000 which provided for a Marshal and one Deputy. However, Trustee Price replaced that with his own budget that had no funding for a Marshal and Deputy but instead replaced them with two part-time “Code Enforcement Officers” for salaries totaling $30,000. It should be noted that the funds deleted from Bradley’s request by Price were added to the Department of Public Works Budget.

The funding required to provide salaries for two Post Certified Officers (Marshal and one Deputy) then is $65,000 x .75 (only 3 quarters left in FY 2014= $48,750, minus $30,000 (already in Budget for COEs)= $18,750 needed.