Douglas County Sheriff's Briefs

Staff Report

Running from a fare

Douglas County sheriff’s deputies and Lone Tree police officers responded to a call from a taxi driver Nov. 7 after a white male, estimated to be between the age of 27 and 33, jumped out of his cab and ran out on a $71.75 fare.

The 6-foot, 150-pound man, wearing a gray three-piece suit and carrying a black school bag, hailed a ride from Denver to Meridian around 2 a.m. and when arriving at the Metropolitan at Lincoln Station Apartments, on the 10100 block of Park Meadows Drive in Lone Tree, informed the cab driver he had to go upstairs to his apartment to get money for the fare.

The driver told him he would have to leave a driver’s license with him for collateral and the suspect, since the back door was locked, climbed into the front seat and exited the passenger door and took off running. Officers were unable to locate the suspect after canvassing the area.

Phony purchases occur

A Larkspur man noticed charges of $599 and $480.25 on his Master Card bill to PayPal and called the sheriff’s office Nov. 8 to file a fraud report. The man said he had never had his MasterCard linked to a PayPal account and he had already contacted his creditor, successfully had the funds returned and canceled his card.

When he contacted PayPal they told him the charges were for iPhones and he later received a single iPhone 5 in the mail. He is not certain how the transaction occurred, but the dealer accepted a return on the phone and told sheriff’s deputies he would contact PayPal about the issue of the compromised card.

Electric meter stolen

A contractor working on a house on the 10400 block of Ravenswood Way in Highlands Ranch contacted the sheriff’s office after arriving at the house around 11 a.m. Nov. 6 and discovering power was off at the home.

The homeowner was out of town and the contractor had left the house the night before with everything in working order. The contractor discovered that someone had stolen the electric meter from out of the electrical box located in the back yard. After contacting Xcel Energy, the energy company told them to file a police report. The case has been deactivated due to a lack of leads.

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