Winning Words

Don't wait for future — create your future

Column by Michael Norton

How cool would it be to have a crystal ball? I mean the real deal - the ability to actually see into the future. Do you fall into the category of people who wish they could see the future, or are you in the group that prefers to see life as a journey and the more mystery and adventure the better?

In some of the responses that I have received over the years referring to one of my columns, some of our local readers actually state that they wish they had a crystal ball so they could see what would happen if they actually practiced some of the ideas, strategies, or tactics that I have written about.

What are some of those things? There's goal-setting, staying focused, having a positive attitude, encouraging others, living with hope, building better and stronger relationships, living and working with passion and purpose, and working on mind, body and spirit.

Well I can share with you, beyond any shadow of a doubt, and I do not need a crystal ball to tell me what would happen ... if any one of us, if all of us, applied even just one of the concepts mentioned above ... life would be better at some level and in some way.

What happens is, we look at things that appear on the list above, we have the best of intentions to act upon them, and then we let our cynicism and doubt take over where our hearts, minds and bodies should begin. We fall into a negative self-talk pattern instead of a positive self-talk action-oriented empowerment state.

You know how it sounds: "That's all just fluff," or "That stuff may work for others but it will never ever work for me." Maybe it sounds more like, "My life is just fine, I don't need to change anything, but you know Bob or Charlie or Mary or Beth, they could sure stand to change a few things."

Pretend with me for a minute that we all had a crystal ball. And each and every one of us could look into our future, whether it's two weeks from now, six months from now or a year from now. And we had actually applied and committed to one or more of the items mentioned above like setting goals, staying focused, living with a positive attitude, being a source of encouragement, living with hope, working hard on our relationships, becoming re-energized with passion and purpose, and becoming well-rounded in mind, body, and spirit.

I know many of you through your emails and letters, but I certainly cannot claim to know all of you. But I would bet that if we had that crystal ball, and the commitment was applied in any of the areas, what we would see is success, achievement, love, laughter, better health, stronger faith, and greater happiness. And I can tell you once again, I would not need the crystal ball to tell you that at some level there would be improvement, significant improvement.

So what about you, are you waiting for the crystal ball to tell you what "might" happen if you made some changes in your life, or do you know and are you ready to believe in a brighter and better future and commit to what it will take to get you there? I would love to hear all about it at, and I know that when we take the actions necessary and believe in a better and brighter future, it really will be a better than good week.

Michael Norton is a resident of Highlands Ranch, the former president of the Zig Ziglar Corporation and the CEO/founder of