Don't support tax giveaway


The city of Arvada always claims that it needs to clean up blighted areas because they do not bring in enough sales taxes. If this is the case, why are the City Council members allowing the Urban Renewal Authority to give away all the sales taxes collected in those areas?

To get a tax increase passed by the voters takes 50 percent plus 1. Yet, it only takes one person, the director of the URA, to give the tax away.

The city sales tax percentage is 3 percent. At the Super Target complex at 52nd Avenue and Kipling Street, the city's entire 3 percent collected in the area is refunded back to the developer in the form of a "property improvement fee." Now the city is offering the developer of the new Walmart at 58th and Independence the entire 3 percent in the form of a "property improvement fee."

In the Arvada Plaza area, the owner of the property has held it for six years without spending one penny to maintain the property. Not one chuckhole or building was painted during their entire ownership. And now they want the Arvada taxpayers to pay for fixing up the property. No thanks. Call your City Council members and let them know that you don't support the tax giveaway.

Tom Wambolt



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