Dog kills woman's pet

Woman's 10-year-old dachshund attacked and killed


An American bulldog on the loose attacked and killed Sebastian, a 10-year-0ld dachshund about 9 p.m. May 16 at the 7-Eleven Store at Broadway and Dartmouth in Englewood.

“It was horrible,” Lonnie Staples, who is staying with friends in Englewood, said May 19. “I had just gotten a drink at the store across the street when I heard the yelling. I saw the big dog attacking the little one. Police took control of the dog when they arrived.”

Eileen Trujillo, 63, owned Sebastian and she said she took her dog for a walk and stopped by the store to buy her pet a treat when the attack happened.
According to a police report, the bulldog was running loose in the convenience store parking lot without a collar or tags. A store clerk called the police reporting the loose dog but officers arrived after the attack.

In the report the officer stated the dachshund's body was in the parking lot and, nearby, an unknown man was holding the bulldog down.
One officer took control of the bulldog. The officer reported the dog calmly went along and got into the patrol car.

“The officers reported the dachshund's owner was riding her motorized scooter through the parking lot when the bulldog attacked her pet,” Englewood Police Sgt. Brian Cousineau said. “When the bulldog was captured, the animal wasn't wearing a collar or tags.”

He said officers impounded the dog that night in the kennel at Englewood Police headquarters. The police sergeant said officers on duty made sure the dog had food and water while being impounded. The dog was held by police until the owner was able to prove ownership and that all required vaccinations were up to date.

The bulldog's owner is a 28-year-old woman who lives in Englewood. She reportedly told officers her dog had gotten out of her yard. She told the police her dog was friendly toward people but aggressive toward other dogs.
The dog was released to the owner and placed on a 10-day hold and impoundment in the woman's home.

The dog's owner also was issued a summons to appear in court on violations of Englewood ordinances.

She was initially charged with allowing a dog to run at large, owning a dog that was not wearing a collar or tag and owning a dog involved in at-risk or dangerous behavior. All charges are misdemeanors.

The woman, who has not been identified, is scheduled to appear June 18 in Englewood Municipal Court to answer the charges.

The owner was issued an Englewood Municipal Summons and the pit-bull was impounded until the owner could prove ownership and that all the vaccinations were up-to-date.

On May 17, the owner was able to show documentation showing all the required vaccinations were up-to-date and the dog was released to the owner on a 10-day bite hold/impound to their home.