Dog Park Etiquette


Do your dogs love going to the dog park? Ours do too! It’s a great way to get your pet to exercise and socialize with other dogs. To make sure all pets and pet owners have an enjoyable experience, it’s best to make sure your pet is on its best behavior. The next time you go to the dog park, take these etiquette and safety tips into consideration.

Before heading to the park:

  • Make sure to check the dog park rules and restrictions before bringing your dog. Keep in mind that rules vary by park
  • Make sure your dog is wearing an ID tag
  • Bring along necessities such as water so your pup can stay hydrated
  • Know your dog and assess whether it would be comfortable and suitable in a dog park setting. Your dog may be a good fit for the dog park if it is well-socialized, easy-going, and does not act aggressive towards other dogs or people

Simple tips to keep your dog and other dog-park-goers happy:

  • Unleash your dog as soon as you are in the park. Leashed dogs tend to feel threatened when approached by off-leash dogs
  • Keep the park clean by picking up after your dog
  • Make sure the gate to the park is closed when entering and leaving 

Need-to-know tips when you’re around other dogs at the park:

  • Do not assume every dog enjoys being pet or playing with other dogs. To prevent any issues, ask the owner before petting or allowing your dog to play with the other dog
  • If another dog is being aggressive towards your dog, it is best to leave the park and avoid confrontation
  • We suggest not bringing toys to the dog park, unless you’re willing to share the toy with other dogs
  • To avoid an accident, keep small dogs away from big dogs. If you have a small dog, seek out parks with designated small-dog play areas

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