Document Your Wine Journey with a Journal


The best way to learn more about wine is to keep track of everything you have tasted. Take notes of everything you like and do not like. The more you know, the easier it will be to decipher that wine menu, or be able to discuss the flavor profiles of the wine with friends at a party.

For the tech savvy person, phone apps are a great way to keep track of wines you tasted. If you are one of those people that have a hard time keeping everything organized, the phone app is the way to go. Most wine journal apps are free and easy to use. Just be sure to take photos of the bottle on your phone, as this will help jog your memory if you ever wanted to try it again.

There are so many phone apps out there that deal with wine. Not only can you download an app to take notes about wines you have tasted, you can also research some great wines on your phone, download vintage charts,  and even buy wine on your phone! And yes, most of these apps are all free!

While apps for phones and tablets are great for on the go wine lovers, I also like to have a physical wine journal to document great wines I have tried. Not only will you have a physical copy if you ever lose the data on your phone, but it also looks great in your bookshelf. For those of you starting out on your journey of wine, I highly recommend getting a journal that gives you an easy template to evaluate the wine. You can document wines you've tasted, and paste the label from the bottle below.

It is a great tool to find out which wines are your favorites, which wines you want to explore more, and which ones to avoid.

For the wine experts, a journal is also useful for you in regards to building your cellar. You will know which wines you have liked, and which ones you should buy for the future. It also helps you keep track of the wines you have purchased for your cellar.

Finally, save your corks. Not only do corks provide information about the producer of the wine, but you can also turn your corks in to works of art. There are many unique cork jars and barrels that are fun to display.


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