Denver CyberKnife is now Anova Cancer Care

Name reflects medically proven, non-surgical, advanced cancer treatment and expansion of services


DENVER — Denver CyberKnife has changed its name to Anova Cancer Care. The Anova name is short for “a novel approach” to cancer treatment. It reflects the center’s high-tech, clinically validated approach to non-surgical cancer treatment and the planned expansion of services beyond CyberKnife® procedures.

Anova Cancer Care serves the Denver and Rocky Mountain regions with CyberKnife robotic radiation therapy for the non-surgical treatment of prostate, lung, brain, spine and other cancers.
Anova Cancer Care Medical Director Gregg Dickerson, M.D., said the new name embodies the advanced, highly skilled yet compassionate cancer care the center’s staff and physicians provide, and it helps avoid confusion with other centers that use CyberKnife technology.
“There are other centers that use CyberKnife, but we’re so much more than just the technology,” Dr. Dickerson said. “We have the most experienced clinical staff in the Rocky Mountain region, and we pride ourselves on providing a patient experience and outcomes that are unparalleled. We like to say that Anova Cancer Care is ‘cancer care evolved.’”
The center also plans to add new, state-of-the art technology and services, Dickerson said, while keeping the caring, one-on-one approach that patients, their friends and family have come to expect.
The highly skilled team of Anova Cancer Care physicians uses CyberKnife image-guidance capabilities for exact tracking and treatment of tumors. The technology is an exceptionally accurate and pain-free alternative to traditional cancer surgery. It requires no anesthesia, allowing an immediate return to normal activity and minimal side effects, which often subside within the first week or two after treatment. CyberKnife outpatient treatment sessions typically last between 25 and 55 minutes, depending on the type of tumor being treated.
CyberKnife also represents one of the most advanced, clinically validated treatments for prostate cancer. Since 2001, CyberKnife clinics nationwide have successfully treated more than 100,000 patients.
In Colorado, Anova Cancer Care was the first to start treating prostate patients. Since opening in 2009, the center has treated hundreds of these prostate patients, more than any other freestanding center in the Rocky Mountain region. Anova Cancer Care’s Dr. Dickerson recently assisted in the effort to educate Medicare to gain recognition of CyberKnife as a covered treatment option for prostate cancer in the four-state region that includes Colorado.
For prostate cancer, clinical data show that non-surgical CyberKnife robotic radiation therapy is just as effective, less invasive and less expensive than more traditional forms of treatment such as surgery, seed implants or traditional radiation therapy. The precise tracking and radiation dose delivery of CyberKnife minimizes damage to surrounding healthy tissue and greatly limits the side effects of radiation therapy. Compared to other radiation therapy options that can take 40 treatments, CyberKnife is completed in just five.
For more information visit or call 303-790-2668. Anova Cancer Care is on Facebook at and on Twitter at
About Anova Cancer Care
Anova Cancer Care serves Denver and the Rocky Mountain region with the world’s only robotic radiosurgery system designed to treat tumors anywhere in the body. Used by the nation’s leading hospitals and medical centers, the CyberKnife® System uses continual image guidance technology and computer controlled robotic mobility to track, detect and correct for tumor and patient movement in real-time throughout the treatment. For prostate cancer, the CyberKnife System enables delivery of high-dose radiation with pinpoint precision, which preserves sexual function, minimizes damage to surrounding healthy tissue and eliminates the need for invasive head or body stabilization frames. Anova Cancer Care also treats lung, brain, spine and other cancers with fewer treatments and shorter overall treatment time than surgical or other older forms of radiation therapy alternatives. For more information visit or call 303-790-2668.


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