Deciphering Pet Diets


Just like humans, animals’ diets vary based on their nutritional needs. Because there is a wide variety of pet foods available, it can be challenging to determine which is the right fit for your furry friend. To jumpstart your search for the right pet food, check out the benefits of these diets.

  • Weight Management  – If you can no longer feel your pet’s ribs with gentle fingertip pressure, your pet may be carrying extra weight. If you feel your pet is overweight, take him or her to the veterinarian to assess their body weight and composition. If your pet is obese, it will have approximately 10 – 15 percent excess body weight. Weight management diets will be lower in fat and higher in protein and help get your pet to a healthy weight.
  • Grain-Free – This diet is lower in carbohydrates than other pet foods. The grain-based starch in other foods is replaced with other types of starch such as sweet potato, peas, or potato. Grain-free foods are great for pets that are allergic to corn, wheat and rice, which are found in other pet foods. Other benefits include reducing obesity, improved digestion and a shinier coat.
  • Raw Diet – This diet allows cats and dogs to eat a more natural diet, and includes the vitamins and enzymes that are some times lost when the food is cooked. It has been known to improve a coat’s shine, the health of skin, energy levels, and digestion.

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