Dear Editor:


We need a town marshal:

• To have a level of safety and security services that our residents have come to expect over the years that El Paso County cannot provide

• To have better response times. It is true that a tax initiative provided the EPC Sheriff with funds to increase the number of deputies. However, it resulted in providing only one more deputy on duty (for a total of 2 at a time) to cover Patrol Area 8. That area extends from Old Colorado City to Crystola. In the past, the deputy was usually tied up on high-priority coverage at the “B” Street bar area just outside Fort Carson. As reported by a GMF bar owner, EPC was called about a recent fight in the bar and the response time was 35 minutes. Our Marshal is familiar with our local bars and can deal with problems more quickly and effectively than EPC.

• To control our own destiny- A town marshal works for our board of trustees who can set policies and priorities. Sheriff’s deputies work for a boss in Colorado Springs who controls their activities and sets their priorities. With the vast area the Sheriff has to cover, Green Mountain Falls can never be a “top” priority for them.

• Residents feel more comfortable and safer having a marshal they know instead of an unknown Deputy. Officer Barnes testified on this subject at a board meeting.

• Our local marshal knows the town and the resident’s needs. A marshal knows the street system and where people live, thus, shortening the response times. This could save lives.

• Our Marshal can pick out strangers and keep an eye on them. GMF used to be known as a favored location for drug dealing

• To enable effective community policing using the interaction of our local marshal with the residents. To enable an effective Neighborhood Watch Program. EPC deputies simply do not have the time to get involved. .