Craigslist ad leads to marijuana arrest

Littleton man allegedly offered pot for ‘donations’


A Craigslist ad offering marijuana in exchange for a donation declared the offer “fully Amendment 64 compliant!” Undercover officers, their attention caught by the exclamation-point-ridden listing, didn’t agree.

They set up an exchange and took the driver who allegedly delivered 3.5 ounces of marijuana to them to jail. Andrew Kipling Walton, 22, of Littleton, was cited for the unlawful distribution of marijuana.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office said the transaction that occurred between Walton and police detectives in a Lone Tree shopping center parking lot, and the amount of marijuana Walton brought, prompted his arrest.

“The bottom line is, even though Amendment 64 passed, it still doesn’t authorize the distribution or sale of marijuana,” said Sgt. Ron Hanavan, DCSO spokesman. “This is illegal activity.”

“In this circumstance, it’s because it was being sold. He represented it as a donation, but there was no doubt it was not a donation. It was being sold.”

Medicinal marijuana, approved by Colorado voters in 2000, remains the only exception, he said.

Detectives from Douglas County’s Pattern Crime Unit, which includes officers from sheriff’s office, Parker, Castle Rock and Lone Tree police departments, arranged the rendezvous.

The posting that caught the officers’ attention suggests those interested “Donate to charity and receive a free MJ gift!”

“All you need to do is call,” said the ad, listing a phone number, “and Chris will drive to your location to receive your donation and give you your free gift.”

“Each $30 donation receives a free one-eighth!” the ad said. It also suggested to customers: “Tip your driver! You tip the pizza driver, don’t you?”

Colorado voters passed an initiative legalizing marijuana for recreational use in November, allowing adults 21 or older to possess up to an ounce of the substance. Amendment 64 does not allow for public consumption of marijuana, and there still is no legal way to sell it.


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