Community police stations open

Arvada Police Department launches new community substations

Crystal Anderson
The Lake Arbor Substation is located at 8110 Vance Dr. and will serve the Adams sector of Arvada.
Crystal Anderson
The West Woods Substation is located just off 64th Avenue at 6644 Kendrick Ave. This substation will serve the Charlie sector of Arvada.
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Arvada Police Department will unveil two community substations to the public the first week of March as part of a new, sector based policing style.

In the early 2000s, Arvada Police Chief Don Wick decided there was a better way to police the city of Arvada and he began thinking of a way to make an impact at the neighborhood and community levels.

“Looking at the micro-level, it (policing) took on a completely different picture,” Wick said. “We’re going to do it by geography, at a more microscopic level, have a different kind of relationship.”

The idea for the community stations came about as a part of the police department’s larger plan to be more involved in the three “natural neighborhoods” or sectors of Arvada: Adams, Charlie and Baker.

“We’re doing this because we want to be out in our neighborhood, engage with the public, the community kids, and understand the community we serve as a whole,” said Commander Michelle Moriarty, commander of the Lake Arbor Community Station.

With the launch of these new stations, there will be three separate police stations in the city; one in the Lake Arbor neighborhood, 8100 Vance Drive; one in the West Woods neighborhood, 6644 Kendrick Drive; and the police headquarters, 8101 Ralston Road.

Police headquarters will continue to house the dispatch for the police department, while the substations will provide a more relational, community specific services.

Each of the two substations, in West Woods and Lake Arbor, give the police department the opportunity to serve those communities at a deeper level while fighting crime in those areas of the city. The presence of police at the substations will allow them to engage with the community, identify crime patterns and the area’s specific needs while alleviating crime and the fear of crime.

“My desire is that we have a much different relationship with the community and that they feel comfortable with us and want us to work with them,” Wick said.

Construction for both substations began in June, 2013 and cost around $4 million each. The buildings were funded through the police department’s savings and tax increment funds.

The grand opening of the community stations will be held March 4-5 after the officers have officially taken up residence there.

For more information, contact the police department’s nonemergency line, 720-898-6900.

If you go

WHAT: Substation Grand Opening Celebrations

WHEN: Lake Arbor Community Station, 5-7 p.m., Tuesday, March 4, 8110 Vance Drive;

West Woods Community Station, 5-7 p.m., March 5, 6644 Kendrick Drive

COST: Free