Commissioners defend Second Amendment: Resolution passes unanimously, many citizens in support


The El Paso Board of County Commissioners is sending a message to the federal government by passing a resolution in defense of the Second Amendment right.

Commissioner Peggy Littleton brought forth the resolution that was unanimously approved during the Jan. 22 BOCC meeting.

This comes on the heels of President Barack Obama's proposed ban on assault weapons and limiting ammunition magazines. The Obama administration is recommending that there be a required criminal background check for all gun sales, a ban on assault weapons and a 10-round limit on ammunition magazines, eliminating ammunition piercing bullets, providing mental health services in all schools, allocating funds to hire more police officers and instituting a federal gun trafficking statute.

The resolution states that the BOCC “will uphold the second amendment of the Constitution of the United States and will act in conformity of our sworn duties as duly elected officials charged with public trust, and will, in conjunction with prior decisions by the United States Supreme Court, not enforce any statutes, Presidential directives, or other regulations and proclamations which conflict, and are expressly preempted by, the U.S. Supreme Court's rulings.”

The BOCC also states in the resolution that it “strongly urges the U.S. senate to reject international treaties that will infringe on the Second Amendment rights of American citizens” and that “neither Congress or the Colorado General Assembly should entertain legislation that would infringe on the constitutional rights of the Second Amendment including additional restrictions on firearms or accessories or on the possession, use, sale or transfer of firearms that are legitimately owned.”

“We are in the middle of an unprecedented fight between liberty and tyranny, between freedom and control, between the constitution and Washington and the people's right to keep and bear arms. The Second Amendment is at risk,” Littleton said.

Commissioners, citizens in agreement

Commissioner Darryl Glen said that it is important for other governing boards to take the same action as El Paso County. He said they are setting the tone to lead on issues when it comes to defending the constitution.

“I'm extremely proud of this board for taking proactive steps to make sure we fight for all of those rights. When you take that oath you take an oath to defend the entire Constitution,” Glenn said.

Commissioner Amy Lathen said that there are a lot of ways to say what they are trying to express and what they are trying to protect and gave examples by stating that 32,367 people were killed by cars in 2011, calling cars “assault vehicles” and that Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber, killed 168.


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