Club celebrates 20th anniversary

West Woods golf course notes benchmark

Crystal Anderson

The West Woods Golf Course's Men's Golf Club celebrated its 20th anniversary during an end-of -the-year dinner, Nov. 8, at the West Woods Golf Course Clubhouse, 6655 Quaker St.

“The club is a big part of the community, not just for golf, but for other events,” said Bobby Quaratino, the head golf professional at West Woods Golf Course. “It's a place where people can come, play and stay.”

The club, which began in 1993, consists of a lively group of 220 men who enjoy being on the green playing a few rounds of golf with one another. The club accommodates players of all levels and teams them up with those with matched skill, as well as those of differing skill.

Through this, the club has developed a sense of camaraderie, a characteristic of the club which has kept members such as Bo Powell, coming back year after year.

“I've looked at other clubs, trying to find the best value to play,” Powell said, “but there's a camaraderie you get with all the people you meet here; I love the guys I play with, and I love spending time with them."

A mix of different ages, skill levels, and personalities describes this club to a tee. The members of the club come from different walks of life, but according to member, Mike Lohse, when they join together, both on and off the course, they create a hearty, welcoming community.

“The guys in the club make it the best,” Lohse said, “It's a great melting pot of personalities who come together — it's why I stay.”

The club hosts 14 tournaments a year at West Woods Golf Course, competes in an interclub tournament and holds a variety of gatherings and parties for members throughout the season.

With 2013 and the 20th anniversary of the club nearly over, club members look to the future and new members to keep the club alive.

“We're very open in membership,” Powell said, “we'll take anybody.”

For members like Bob Meddles, a founding member of the men's club, this organization is a large part of their life and will continue to be, as long as he's feeling up to par.

“I intend to be a part of this club as long as I can walk the course and swing a club,” Meddles said.