Cloud City introduces Green Box


A hullabaloo and yowzah! experience for the residents of Green Mountain Falls, the 20-ton sculpture with 16 modules is guaranteed to be the biggest thing that ever hit town.

A gift from the town's benefactor, Christian Keesee, the aluminum sculpture launches the Green Box Arts Festival, which begins June 23. Founder of the festival in 2007, Keesee continues to surprise audiences with a rich variety of culture, including theatre, art and sculpture, dance, literature, the culinary arts, photography and jewelry.

But Cloud City is the ultimate, to date. “The sculpture reflects what the clouds look like,” said Graham Stewart, architect for the project who traveled with the piece from New York City to Green Mountain Falls. Eight full-size semis, two modules each, carried the clouds into town the week of June 3.

An interactive piece, visitors are invited to meander through the platforms and staircases to view the landscape from each of the 12 x 12-foot aluminum modules. “The piece reflects the environment from all different angles,” Stewart said.

The sculpture is by Tomas Saraceno of Argentina. “Saraceno pushed the limits of the uses of materials, takes them to a different level,” Stewart said.

“Cloud City” is free and open to the public from 1 to 7 p.m. during the festival June 23 to July 3, with an extension for viewing until July 13. For visitors not able to maneuver the platforms, there is a virtual tour available at the Green Box campus office on Lake Street.

This year's festival artists include the Colorado Springs Youth Symphony, folk band Haunted Wind Chimes, fiddler Kyle Dillingham, dance performers Keigwin + Company and Pulitzer Prize winner Blake Bailey.

The entire schedule is available at


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