Celtic Wisdom from Scotland with Oona Soleil

Oona was invited to teach at the call of 13 Siberian Shamans
In ceremony
Oona Soleil
Her wonderful energy
Event Dates
Sunday, Monday, Friday, and Saturday from Friday, June 27, 2014 through Monday, June 30, 2014
Event Location
The Sacred Earth Sanctuary
633 Valley Rd.
Florissant, CO
patricia turner,
Additional Info
Friday 1-6pm
Sat.-Mon. 10am to

Oona Solei is well known as a powerful Druid throughout Europe. She has traveled the world for 20 year learning from the most powerful shamans of our time. Her Scottish origins endow her with the wisdom of the Druids.

(June 27-28) We will experience "Resonance." During these two days, we will resonate with minerals, people, animals, plants, and beings from beyond. Through resonance we connect with our environment in a way that enables deep understanding. This introduction into communication without words leads to new levels of awareness. You begin to walk in many worlds.

Next enter 2 days of the Healing Circle (June 29-30) A circle strengthens the healings happening in its midst. When we acknowledge our ills then healing can happen gently and easily. In this circle we will look at the healing needs and the wishes of individual participants.