A new brewery on the north end of “Coors Town, U.S.A.” is looking to make a big splash.

And so far, it has. Cannonball Creek Brewing Company, 393 N. Washington Ave., officially opened Jan. 19, and was welcomed by standing-room only crowds.

“We literally had people with their hands out waiting for beer, and we were having to tell them to wait because we couldn’t clean the used glasses fast enough,” said brewer and co-owner Brian Hutchinson.

“The people of Golden have obviously been waiting for another option,” said Jason Stengl, Cannonball’s managing partner, and brewery general manager.

The two say the name “cannonball” was actually on their short list, before a little research discovered that nearby Clear Creek was actually named Cannonball Creek at one time, after the shape and size of its river stones.

The brewery’s regular hours are still being worked out. Doors were actually closed on Tuesday and Wednesday because the two brewers were concerned about running out of beer varieties. For now though, the brewery should be open beginning at 3 p.m. There is no kitchen at Cannonball, but patrons are encouraged to bring their own food, and the two say they have a variety of food truck visits lined up in the weeks to come.

There are no bottles for sale, just yet. Though customers can expect growlers “very soon,” the brewers say.

As for the beers, the brewery has begun with four varieties. Hutchinson promises a wide variety in the future, with as many as a dozen beers eventually on tap. But he added that imbibers could reliably anticipate Belgium-style ales, India Pale Ales and creative ingredients from Cannonball.

“The bottom line is we want to make the beers that interest us, and that we want to drink. And so far that’s translated well to our customers,” Hutchinson said.

One of the big hits of the opening weekend was an American style IPA, which was expected to run out before this article publishes. Hutchinson said he had been trying to brew the perfect American IPA since he started.

“This is close, really close,” Hutchinson said shaking his head. “The next batch I’m making — I’m only tweaking it a little bit.”

The two brewers met in Boulder at the Mountain Sun Pub and Brewery, where they both started on “truck duty.” The two rose through the ranks however, with Hutchinson eventually becoming the head brewer there.

Hutchinson lives just up the road from Cannonball, and Stengl said he is looking to move back to the area (his wife attended Colorado School of Mines). Both say they love the city, both for its small-town feel, and proximity to the big city.

“That’s kind of our business model: Starting small, and starting right in this area, right here in Golden as a neighborhood brewery,” Hutchinson said.

“So Golden can be known, not only as a beer town, but a craft beer town,” Stengl said.

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