CC & V: economic multiplier


With 522 employees and a $47 million annual payroll, Cripple Creek & Victor Mining Co. contributed $5,414,461 to the Teller County tax rolls last year. By 2015, CC & V expects to increase the number of employees to 630, in addition to 275 contractors on-site.

The enhanced hiring is related to the expansion of the mine as well as the mill. “We accept applications for open positions only,” said Jane Mannon, community affairs manager, in her annual report to the Teller County commissioners. “We get such a flood of applications that our HR (human resources) department is literally buried.”

The positions are posted on the CC & V website and at InfoMine website.

The average salary and benefits for employees is $85,000, the average hourly wage $32. Last year, the mine produced 230,794 ounces of gold.

Of $6.1 million the mine paid in state taxes, $1.9 million was a severance tax, some of which comes back to the county in the form of energy/mineral impact grants.

The realignment of Colo. 67, funded by CC & V, is the result of the mine-life extension to 2026. The road opened last September.

Along with producing gold from the land, CC & V has pledged to rehabilitate the land. “We start some tree removal in the north Cresson area, which is in the Cripple Creek view shed,” she said. ”One of the things we committed to outside of the mine area was to thin some of the pine trees in the aspen grove which, hopefully, will help propagate those aspen groves.”

In addition to the news about the mine’s economic heft, the mine’s donation to the capitol dome brought the most publicity statewide.

“Our favorite project of the year is the state capitol dome,” Mannon said, clicking on a photograph of the completed dome in Denver. “They actually flew a drone to take the picture.”

The mine donated 75 ounces of gold which was sent to artisans in Italy who transformed the gold into gold leaf. The leaf covered 5,689 square feet of the entire dome.

“They supported the copper from behind, so, hopefully, it won’t get so beat up by hail,” Mannon said, adding that state officials have schedule a dedication and ribbon-cutting ceremony Aug. 1.

Mannon was accompanied at the commissioners’ meeting by the mine’s General Manager Ray Dubois and Environmental Manager Tim Comer.


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