Brutus Scores a home


Brutus the Great Dane has found a home. Subject of a front-page story in the Dec. 25 edition of The Courier, Brutus had been staying at the Animal Care Clinic of Woodland Park.

Guest of the clinic’s owner Terri Collins, the staff and David Volz, DVM, Brutus was treated at the clinic for injuries he sustained when hit by a car in Santa Fe, N.M.

The dog and his owner, Larry Class, arrived on the doorstep of the clinic in October 2012. Through the kindness of the people at the clinic, in addition to Donna Zinko and James Singleton, the homeless pair found refuge. When Class died Dec. 8, Brutus came back to the clinic.

Louise Peterson of Guffey knew about Brutus, initially said no when Collins reached out to her. But something nudged her to come in to the clinic and get acquainted. She came back a few times with Maia, the 4-year-old Great Dane.

The bonding went so well, Peterson gave Brutus a Christmas present on Dec. 24. “He’s wonderful,” she said, the day after New Year’s.

At first Maia was a bit territorial, Peterson said. “Maia is very particular about who lives in her space,” said Peterson, whose home in Guffey is 700 square feet on 35 acres. “But Maia told Brutus the rules and now they both sleep on the couch”

While Brutus paced the floor the first night in his new home, he is adapting quickly. “He’s a chilled-out dog,” Peterson said.

Peterson obviously loves the breed, as she earns her living sculpting bronze Great Danes. One of her pieces is near the Uncle Wilber Fountain on Tejon Street in Colorado Springs.


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