Bike accident column generates response


Obviously to anyone who drives, walks, rides horses, or rides a bicycle, Jefferson County is a biking haven because there are bicyclists on trails and streets in groups and by themselves.

Now with all the response to my article, I am rethinking whether I should give up biking or not.

For one thing, when the accident happened I was riding at night, which one reader says never to do. So why should I judge all biking risks on my taking the big one of riding at night when I couldn’t judge the situation very well with the oncoming lights? We all have moments of bad judgement, and this was one of mine that had a serious consequence. (My accident and broken humerus near the rotator cuff).

Here are parts of email messages I received. I left out the last names since they were personal messages to me.

Angie a reader from Lakewood Sentinel said: “Stay on you bike!!! You go girl, keep moving.”

Byron, a reader of Arvada Press said “I enjoyed your story and wanted to share it with a fellow cyclist, but need the link.” (Byron, if you can’t find the story I’ll send you an attachment of it.)

Gill, 85 years old, a reader of Golden Transcript gave me a great story about his life. He doesn’t bike, but recommended keeping my body and mind challenged.

Thomas, a reader of one of the papers said “Terrific story. Tell Dorothy to skip the gutter cleaning! We found a product called GutterStuff which fits in gutters and allows water to run through.”

Jerry, a Lakewood Sentinel reader, suggested I should have braked with my right hand, (probably a mistake I made). He also sent me safety rules and suggested staying off streets and using trails.

Forest, a Transcript reader, inspired me with his stories of cross country adventures and how alive they made him feel. He’s written books which I plan to check out.

Martin, a regular reader of my columns in the Wheat Ridge Transcript also responded about the difficulty of crossing 44th.

I enjoyed hearing from readers and hope I will get more responses to my columns in the future. I will attempt to hit topics of interest to the community. Please send messages anytime. I’m working on a book of my favorite columns from the last 30 years. Will keep readers posted.

Mary McFerren Stobie may be out on her bike again soon. She is a freelance writer syndicated by Senior Wire News Service. Contact her at


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