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New Years Eve will be here before you know it. Instead of making a new resolution, commit to a healthy way of life. Here is a story about a local woman who committed, like so many others, and saw how healthy really can be more than just a seasonal triumph.

Since Keely Shaw was a little girl, she was very uncomfortable in her body. Keely never played sports and avoided exercise.

In October of 2011, Keely gave birth to her third child and first daughter. At that time, her weight was just shy of 300 pounds. After giving birth to three babies in four years, Keely justified her lifestyle with the fact that she had young children. When her son was a baby, he was too young to learn her bad habits. With the birth of her second son, Keely figured a few fast food meals wouldn’t hurt. She resolved to have it together by the time the new baby was ready to eat solids.

By the time her third child came along, she had become so ingrained in her bad habits and so defeated by the outcomes of those habits that she had a hard time seeing a way out of the mess that had slowly become her life.

The birth of Keely’s daughter gave her a new surge of motivation. Keely did not want her daughter to remember her mom as morbidly obese. Keely did not want her daughter to see foods as guilty or hidden things or as a comfort when sad, stressed, or overwhelmed. Instead, Keely wanted her daughter to see her mom make good choices, enjoy exercise, and eat treats in moderation.

With these thoughts fueling her, Keely rejoined her local Life Time Fitness, where she found out about the 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge. She worked with her trainer Courtney Hepner, who helped her develop a strength training plan to complement the “Couch to 5K” running program that Keely wanted to do. Within a short period of time, Keely went from personally paying the local McDonald’s mortgage to subsidizing the farm that grows the giant boxes of organic baby spinach at Costco.

Keely didn’t win the 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge, but she did lose 57.9 pounds and all excuses plaguing her life. The weight loss itself wasn’t even the biggest change from her journey.

Keely’s children haven’t had a fast food meal since her transformation. She spends the days playing with them outside or having impromptu dance parties in the living room. Keely had found a way out of her hopeless situation. She is training like an athlete because she is one. Keely has become fit and fearless and hopes the same for her children. She wants an active way of life to be the normal way of things for them. The 5Ks will be a fun thing they do on weekends. Why? “Because mom does that.”

In more than 30 cities across the U.S., people just like Keely are committing to a healthier way of life. To learn more about Commitment Day, check out Want to join the movement? Register for Denver’s race here and get $5 off registration using the code: CORP0598.


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