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Baby news video goes viral

Family moment has racked up 1.4 million views

Hannah and Jacob Ouellette, who founded Thrive Church in Parker, surprised their kids, Faithlyn, 6, and Ethan, 3, with baby news and footage of the moment has gone viral on YouTube, racking up 1.4 million views as of May 6. Courtesy
By Chris Michlewicz

Pure joy is an expression that’s universal — and apparently viral.

A momentous occasion for a Douglas County family, caught on video, has led to a groundswell of social media sharing and light-hearted news segments. Jacob and Hannah Ouellette, who founded Thrive Church in Parker, wanted to find a creative way to tell their two children about a new addition to the family.

Mommy-to-be Hannah Ouellette came up with the idea of putting miniature sonogram images inside plastic eggs in the kids’ Easter baskets, but the hint didn’t immediately click with Faithlyn, 6, and Ethan, 3. So when dad revealed the news that “mommy’s going to have a baby,” the reaction was swift and priceless.

First came the surprised looks on their faces, then Faithlyn confirming that she heard correctly. Following that was a jubilant squeal of laughter and excitement that captured the hearts of viewers. Faithlyn, who had been begging for another sibling, hugs her mom and finishes the 1-minute, 46-second video by adorably stating, “I can’t thank you enough!” For many, hitting the share button from there was a virtual formality.

Jacob Ouellette called the video’s near-instantaneous spread “unbelievable.”

“It started going up, beyond our family and friends,” he said. “It was really, really special to see how many people were enjoying this moment with us.”

Then came a call from a producer at “Good Morning America” who had seen the video when it was at only 3,000 views. Friends on the East Coast called and said they also saw “Mommy’s Having a Baby” on “The Today Show.” The Ouellettes, of Highlands Ranch, honored a slew of interview requests, appearing on 9News and “Inside Edition,” and saw the story on websites for Yahoo!, TMZ and The Ellen Show.

The number of views was going up by the thousands and, eventually, the tens of thousands, each time Jacob Ouellette checked. Not bad for a video that was intended merely to preserve a family memory.

Because Hannah Ouellette was starting to show, the couple knew the secret wouldn’t last long. After posting it on YouTube as a private video for family and friends, the Ouellettes decided to use it to break the news to their congregation. Word-of-mouth launched the video to every corner of the globe.
The viral public response shows not only the worldwide connectivity afforded by the digital age, but a natural human propensity to absorb and then share a blissful experience.

“We knew she’d be happy, but she was so deeply happy, it was overwhelming,” said Hannah Ouellette, who is due Nov. 25. “We’ve watched it several times since and we get emotional every time.”

It’s the type of video that crosses physical and cultural boundaries. That’s the main reason why it jumped from 170,000 views on May 2 to 1.4 million as of May 6. Watch the video here: