Art, writing the focus of Lake George students at ‘Soup’er’ Arts Show


A Soup’er Art Show and Lions Scribe Writing Competition, the annual fundraiser for the Lake George Charter School’s art program, was held on Tuesday, April 15 and was attended by more than 100 community members, parents and students.

The visual art exhibit featured Lake George students’ selected creative works from their efforts throughout the school year. Art teacher Donna Knox said the children determined which art pieces they wanted to be placed on display and that the show was an exhibit versus a contest.

The name, “Soup’er Arts,” refers to a combination of the display of the students’ creative works from throughout the school year and the array of soups which are donated by parents and community members.

This year’s program incorporated a new feature into the event; the Lion’s Scribe Writing Competition, which was coordinated by reading teacher Kathleen Ogden and made possible through the dedication and efforts of Maggie Hunt.

Hunt, a former teacher and volunteer at Lake George, donated funds to specifically encourage students in the field of writing. The competition, awards and publication of a book containing students’ works were made possible through those funds.

The competition was introduced to foster an enjoyment of writing among students and to present a wider audience for their writing.

Students at all grade levels were given the opportunity to write on several prompts with the three top entries in each class given prizes for first, second and third place. The prompts included students using their imagination to write about being stuck with their family on a desert island or what three things they could do to be nice to one of their peers to help them through a tough time.

Volunteer judges from the community then read each piece and, based on a common rubric, determined the winners — which was sometimes a difficult choice, according to Ogden.

Judges included author Sandi Sumner, former teacher Evelyn Adams, Cleon Ochsner, Norma Ochsner, Lake George Library assistant Tonya Favinger, and freelance writer and correspondent Sonja Oliver.

“The student’s enthusiasm for writing was obvious because they put a lot of thought into sharing their stories. Some even wanted to have a four-hour class specifically focused on writing,” Sumner said.

The $68 in monies raised from the event will go towards the school’s art and writing programs and supplies.


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