Acceleration Training™: The Future of Fitness


Have you heard about the significant benefits of Acceleration Training™ with vibration technology? The concept of vibration training has been around for a very long time, but only recently did it start receiving the widespread attention it deserves.

Some of you may remember the vibrating bands from the 1960’s, but vibration technology has come a long way since then. Today’s Acceleration Training™ takes place on a state-of-the-art three directional vibrating platform on which a person performs exercises, massages and stretches muscles, and uses a multitude of other applications to improve his or her physical state. There are various machines that utilize vibration technology.  This article focuses on an Acceleration Training™ machine called Power Plate.

About the Power Plate

The Power Plate is relatively new to the general fitness industry but many professional sports teams (Broncos, Nuggets, New York Yankees), college teams (University of Florida, Alabama, Notre Dame), and independent pro-athletes (Serena Williams, Dwayne Wade, Alex Rodriguez) have used Power Plate in their training for years. U.S. Olympic Trainers also use the Power Plate to help their athletes prepare for competition. Madonna, Hilary Swank, and Clint Eastwood are among the VIP’s all over the world use Power Plate technology to feel and look their best. Hospitals and healthcare professionals also use the Power Plate because it works -- and it is certified for use as a medical device.

Over the last decade, Power Plate and other vibration devices have started appearing in fitness facilities all over the U.S., giving the general population easy access to the technology. I have worked with Power Plate technology for over 10 years and want to help people understand where it comes from, what it does and it’s benefits.


Vibration technology was elevated to scientific status by Russia’s 1960‘s space program. The training helped astronauts prepare for space travel and to regain muscle strength and bone density after spending an extended time in the absence of gravity. The results were impressive and the technology soon branched out to the athletic and medical field. The 1980 USSR Olympic team allegedly used the technology to train for the Olympic Games and to rehabilitate athletes after injury.

The training method came to the attention of Guus van der Meer, a Dutch Olympic Coach and entrepreneur. Van der Meer redesigned the platforms with a team of experts to include practical improvements and the latest technology and in 1999, Power Plate was born.

How it Works

The Power Plate moves on the three different planes of motion and triggers physical responses in the person training on the platform. Most of the muscular responses are comparable to the “stretch reflex” a doctor induces when he taps the knee, causing muscles to contract and bring up the foot in a reflex. When upright on the plate, the platform challenges the body’s balance with its three directional movements.

The body responds automatically to this challenge without conscious intervention of the mind and uses all necessary muscles to try and regain balance. Add exercises to that and you have a super challenging workout. It is also time efficient because 15 minutes of training on the Power Plate can be compared to 60 minutes of conventional training.

The frequency (speed) and amplitude (distance) of the movement will determine the recurrence and intensity of the muscles’ responses. Training on the Power Plate can generate from 30- 50 muscle actions per second, depending on the model used. The platform triggered contractions have proven to engage more muscle fibers than conventional training can bring about in most people.

Additionally, Acceleration Training can be done at almost any level of ability, whether a person is training for rehabilitation/recovery purposes or fitness/athletic benefits.  It is a legitimate training modality and is backed by science, studies and experience.

Ok, So How Do I Get Started?

It is recommended to consult a physician before engaging in Acceleration Training™ with Power Plate, just like you would with any other form of exercise. It is also wise to hire a certified personal trainer with additional certification in Acceleration Training™ with vibration technology.

Like one size fits most, this technology is for most, but not for all people and using it incorrectly can lead to disappointment or complications. A Power Plate certified trainer can teach clients how to use the technology to best fit their needs.

The beauty of Acceleration Training™ is that it can be used as an additional tool in one’s fitness toolbox and as a stand-alone training modality. You are simply adding an additional challenge to the body.Acceleration Training™ develops: strength, flexibility, stability/coordination, explosive power, endurance, and even cardiovascular improvement when used properly.

Additionally, training on a Power Plate stimulates blood and subcutaneous fluid circulation, enhances lymphatic flow and helps rebuild bone-density. Acceleration Training™ can assist with weight loss and it tightens and tones the body. It also improves skin appearance and stimulates various hormonal and neuromuscular responses.

Personally, I have worked with vibration training for over decade now, and I am still impressed by what it can do for a person. A passionate personal trainer is always looking for better ways to serve the needs of their clients and Acceleration Training™ has proven to be a valuable tool in my training programs.

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