A whole brew world


Beer aficionados have something to get excited about with the new World of Beer location in Lakewood.

The bar, at 7260 W. Alaska Drive in the Belmar shopping center, offers 50 taps and more than 500 different bottled beers for people who have a favorite beer and those just learning about beers.

“We’re really excited about the craft beer culture, and we want to bring that, music and really great times to the location,” said general manager Neil Boyd. “All our locations take on the character of the community we’re in, and we know it will be the same in Lakewood.”

World of Beer’s pride is its selection, and that is where the community really gets involved. The location focuses on Colorado beers, but also has beers from all over the world, from Germany to South America.

“We’re really big on the local craft beers, and we’re reaching out to the smaller breweries to see if we can feature them as well,” Boyd said.

The bar hosts “Brewery Nights,” during which a local brewer’s beers are featured, giving the brewery a chance to reach a larger audience than it might otherwise.

Each World of Beer location has a product manager — in this case, Jeff Whitehead — whose job it is to keep the beer selection fresh and relevant, and always changing.

Whitehead said the taps often change more than once a week, and he is always looking for what is popular and new.

“We put our employees through a two-week beer course so they can educate customers and offer alternatives to many of the more common beers,” Whitehead said. “There are always those people who say they don’t like beer, but they just haven’t found the right one yet.”

The bar also features live music on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and its open windows and patio make it a perfect place to try something new as the summer winds down and fall slips in.

World of Beer celebrated its Aug. 12 opening with a raffle and silent auction to benefit the local Boys and Girls club. Staff say becoming a part of the community is very important to the work they’re doing.

“We really want to have that ‘Cheers’ vibe, where it’s the place you always come for good beer and atmosphere,” Boyd said.

For more information, call 303-934-2304 or go to www.worldofbeers.com/belmar.

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