A road to the past


Keeping Lakewood’s history alive is one of the key missions of the Lakewood Historical Society, and it is hosting an essay contest to get others to contribute.

There is a youth — 19 and younger — and adult category, and the deadline for essay submissions is May 15. The second-place winners in both categories will receive a $200 prize, and the first-place winners will receive a $300 prize.

The essays may not be longer than 3,000 words.

This is the second year the society will host the contest, and president Marian Metsopoulos hopes the number of entries increases this year.

“This is one way we can unearth the history of Lakewood without too much trouble,” Metsopoulos said. “All essays submitted, even if they’re not the award-winning ones, will still share new information.”

As long as the topic is related to Lakewood, Metsopoulos said there really is no end to the subjects that can be written about. Families like the Addenbrookes, Kendricks and Everetts would make good subjects, she said, as would famous locations like White Fence Farm, the Isaac Solomon Synagogue and Hospice of St. John.

Ward 2 councilman Scott Koop has been working on some outreach to encourage more people to participate, and has been speaking with business organizations, librarians and is looking to get the word to schools as well.

“There’s so much history that hasn’t been recorded, so this is very important,” he said. “So many people have history that no one else knows, and we don’t want to lose those stories.”

Koop said that for those who think writing the essay may seem daunting, turning it into a group project could make it more fun. Families or offices could work together to write the essay.

“Just think of the history you could be passing to everyone in Lakewood,” he said.

Metsopoulos said that any essays submitted will have benefit for future generations.

“Last year we had eight submissions and we’re hoping for more this year,” she said. “But even if we only get four or five, that’s four or five more than we had before.”

For more information or an entry form, call 303-233-3050 or visit www.historicallakewood.org.

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