A mosaic of the times


Public art at each station along the W Rail line was a key way of giving the stations a unique identity, and all the artists involved brought their own vision to the work.

Mike Cody and Mike Juarez are the two Mikes behind Mike Squared Mosaics, which makes custom mosaic murals, and created the work on the Garrison Station.

Named “The Winds of Change” the 20-panel mural takes a look at the history of the area, going all the way back to when the front range was under the Western Inland Sea.

“We start out with fish, snails and progress through the Jurassic period with dinosaurs all the way through to modern times,” Juarez said. “We wanted something the Eiber neighborhood liked, and we presented it to them and they gave us the approval.”

According to Cody, the pair started work on the mural in December, by breaking up the work into sections, creating the mosaics, and then taking it to the site in April.

Stone, tile, glass, and pottery were all used in the mosaics to give color and style to the work. There are at least 4,000 tiles cut by hand by Cody and Juarez in the mural.

Much of the material is donated to the artists, and they use any kind of repurposed material they can in their work.

“We like to get the community to donate materials to the project,” Juarez said. “People from the Garrison area did, and we think it adds another level when the community is part of the process.”

It took around three weeks to get the mural up on the wall at the station, according to Cody.

“You don’t see a lot of mosaics in the Denver area, and we like adding color to places that would otherwise be a little drab looking,” Juarez said.

Mike Squared started in 2001, creating custom work and pieces for art shows and galleries before expanding to larger projects.

In the past three years, Mike Squared has become more interested in doing public art pieces, and has had work on display in Thornton, Highlands Ranch, Longmont and Boulder.

For more information on Mike Squared, visit www.mikesquaredmosaics.com.

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