2012 a year of challenges for GMF


It started out with the Fire-bombing of the Town Hall in February, and then the successful election in April. In June we experienced the Waldo Canyon Fire and evacuation, and the subsequent flooding.

Yet through all of that, the trustees, commissioners and municipal staff stayed focused on issues at hand. With minimal interruption, day to day operations continued with assistance from the community and CIRSA (the municipal insurance carrier). Even the Economic Sustainability Committee carried on with its goals to pass a mill levy increase, upgrade the municipal fee structures, reinvigorate the Triangle Chamber of Commerce, and focus on grant writing.

The municipality has had success in 2012 with grants from the Department of Local Affairs, Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments and Great Outdoors Colorado. Public Works was even able to attain funding from the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department (Floodplain Authority) for a creek side vegetation mitigation project associated with Fountain and Catamount creeks within the incorporated Township public land.

This will be a good example or reference for private property owners on the importance of keeping the creek bed running through their property free of debris, and what the creek side should look like.

The debris that builds up in the creeks has a negative effect on everyone downstream. As the waters rise and flash floods occur in the summer months, all that debris gathers together and forms a mass the size of a Mack Truck ripping down through the creek system. The collateral damage can be expensive and exhausting for all the downstream neighbors.

The town of Green Mountain Falls attained a grant in 2010 from the Department of Local Affairs for a bridge replacement after the debris in Fountain Creek wiped out a culvert bridge in El Paso Avenue July 4th of that year. This funding from PPRBD has been a much needed light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel.


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